CDI Sint-Truiden July 29-31

Updated 23/07/2021

Welcome to Belgium on our CDI Sint-Truiden.

Important to know before travelling to our competition.
We are open for public, no covid test required. Please keep the distance.

!! Monitor and record the temperature of each horse twice a day for 10 days leading up on to the event.

Fill in the attached FEI equine health self-certification form and keep this in het horse's passport.

You can find al the documents on the website of FEI.

- Temperature record sheet

- FEI equine health self-certification form

For more information to travel to belgium, have a look on this website.

Stable information

The stables are on the grass field next to the accommodation. They will be open from 7.00 till 22.00.
Please respect these times for the health and the rest of the horses.

On each stable door you can find a document, please fill this in, so we can reach you if necessary.

You can buy cards for extra hay or shavings at the show-office.
The stable manager is available in front of the stables from 08.00 – 10.00 / 16.00 – 18.00.

There will be stable security from Wednesday july 28 till Saturday july 31. When you visit the stables after 22:00 you’ll have to sign the log.

!! Horse Inspection on Wednesday july 28 at 15h00! (updated)



  • 00324 96 97 26 27 Dirk  Weeghmans

  • 00324 95 65 09 27 Christa Jacques

  • 00324 79 63 55 61 Noa Moermans


  • 0032 11 69 91 11​

Hours for training

The hours of training will be made available at the show office.

Restaurant information

  • Breakfast Buffet
    Breakfast buffet is available from 6.45 till 9.30 at the clubhouse.

  • Lunch and Dinner
    Each Day there will be a lunch buffet and a dinner menu

The showoffice is open one hour before the first class till one hour after the last class each day.

We wish you a very nice stay and the best of luck !